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Women’s-Rights Lawyer REALLY Wants Women on Top

Jack Tuckner, sans collar. Photo:

A former office manager from the firm Tuckner, Sipser, Weinstock & Sipser is suing the firm’s principal lawyer Jack Tuckner for harassment, claiming that Tuckner made inappropriate comments, watched porn at his desk, and rather hilariously, wore a studded leather slave collar in the office. The plaintiff, Lisa Brockington, also claims that Tuckner hired his girlfriend, Mia Metzger, as “client liaison” at the firm, and that when Brockington Googled her, her eyes nearly fell out of her head.

When Brockington used Google to search for Metzger’s name, the suit says, she found a Web-site ad in which Metzger wrote: “I am a Dominant Woman with a long-term male slave. I seek to add a female service oriented slave to our family,” and also “a man who is interested in partnering with me in a cuckold relationship.”

Apparently he also kept a screen saver of Metzger in full gear on his desk. The Google-stalking of the girlfriend, the cultiness of the firm’s Website (on which Brockington is quoted calling Tuckner “a very special human being”), and the openness with which Tuckner apparently conducted these activities make us a tad suspicious about Brockington’s motives. She claims she filed because she “severely misjudged what Jack was about” and wants to warn off other women. But did she misjudge him? Clearly, this is a man who likes the ladies to be in positions of power.

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Women’s-Rights Lawyer REALLY Wants Women on Top