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Yogurt on the Steps of the Met? No More

Blair would never allow some rent-a-cop to tell here where she could and could not sit.Photo: Courtesy of CW

Upper East Siders! We have some terrible news. Apparently, the Metropolitan Museum of Art has banned people from sitting on the steps. They’re doing some kind of vague, annoying construction project, one that involves a mess of scaffolding but will probably result in no discernible change, and to keep things from getting too crowded, museum staffers are out there patrolling and telling people they can’t sit on the steps. Now. Our concern is not for the tourists who want to have their picture taken, it’s for Gossip Girl. It’s summer now, but this construction is going to be going on through April of next year. Where will the girls of Constance Billiard go to have their morning yogurt? The Times asked a nearby hot-dog vendor if there was anyone who had gotten around the new constraints.

Most people oblige, Mr. Sharpe said, but some people — most often women, for some reason — refuse to comply with the no-perching policy.

Somehow, we just know he’s talking about Blair Waldorf.

No Sitting on the Metropolitan Museum Steps [City Room/NYT]

Yogurt on the Steps of the Met? No More