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Anne Hathaway’s Personal Journals Seized by the FBI

Anne Hathaway

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This would never happen to the Princess of Genovia.

The FBI has seized actress Anne Hathaway’s personal diaries after a raid on ex-boyfriend Raffaello Follieri’s Trump Tower apartment, “Rush & Molloy” reports today. They were among other documents, watches, photos, and (oddly) a Tiffany clock and an antique Bible that were confiscated from the $37,500-a-month bachelor pad. Also, they grabbed a pic of Follieri with John and Cindy McCain! Scandal alert! Hathaway hasn’t been charged with a crime — but she’s got to feel a little bit paranoid now that they’re digging into her personal stuff. (Note to Anne — who leaves her diary at her boyfriend’s apartment? You keep that junk with you at all times!)

Follieri has apparently been calling Hathaway from prison, but she’s changed all her numbers. She probably well knows that he’s just going to gripe about how bad prison is — blah blah “I was hospitalized after an anxiety attack and people are abusing me” blah blah — and he’ll probably accuse her of turning him in. That’s what his friends think she did, as though the Feds hadn’t already been after him. But she’s just trying to move on with her life. We think she’ll get past this little blip, at least. Every single headline about the recent seizure of her journals is going to have some sort of pun on the phrase “Princess Diaries,” and if you Google that phrase, there are already 2.26 million hits about her movies. This will get buried in no time.

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Anne Hathaway’s Personal Journals Seized by the FBI