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Ho, No: Ashley Alexandra Dupré May Get Reality Show?

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There are many ladies with surgically enhanced bosoms and loose morals fighting for fame and fortune on the current crop of reality shows — there’s the girls on Rock of Love, I Love Money, and, of course, Hugh’s bunnies on The Girls Next Door. But no real-life woman on cable television right now actually has sex for money (or not, at least, you know, directly). But that may change if Eliot Spitzer’s hooker, Ashley Alexandra Dupré, gets her own reality show, which, E! is reporting, is a possibility.

A source tells E!, however, that Dupré, 23, has been developing an unscripted show with production execs at L.A.-based Handprint Entertainment, the same company that has managed the career of reality icon icon Nicole Richie and Pamela Anderson.
One of the concepts being considered is a dating format.
“They’re talking to MTV about Ashley being the next Tila Tequila,” says a source close to the project.

Oh, God. We just got a terrible, nightmarish vision of what Kristen: It’s Complicated would be like: an opening montage set to a remix of “Pretty Woman.” Challenges in which suitors are required to mud wrestle wearing black socks and nothing else. Ashley sobbing in a confessional, “It’s just really hard for me to let my guard down, you know?” All culminating in a dreamy, thoughtful sequence in Ashley’s sterile Malibu condo in which she struggles over which guido-ish dude to give the Final Garter to, after which the world finally explodes in fire and brimstone.

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Ho, No: Ashley Alexandra Dupré May Get Reality Show?