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Ashley Dupré Appears to Ruin Another Marriage

Eliot Spitzer Hooker


The Post caught Ashley Alexandra Dupré, a.k.a. the hooker who felled Eliot Spitzer, on what they assumed was another scandalous date this week. They spotted her scooting around the city in a limo with New Jersey asphalt heir (how’s that for a title?) Thomas Earle. The paparazzi followed the pair so closely, they were able to document their every move:

• On Tuesday, they spent the day shopping and drinking together.
• At one point, the pair “ducked into” the Gramercy Park Hotel, where they rented a room together.
• Then they reemerged and took a limo uptown, where Ashley went to Bergdorf Goodman and walked on Fifth Avenue “turning many heads with her revealing top and skirt, which seemed better suited to a night servicing a client than to a day shopping in midtown.”
• Dinner was spent in the meatpacking district. [Ed: Dur.]
• They spent the night on the town in the West Village. Beatrice, anyone?
• On Wednesday afternoon they finally exited the hotel, ten minutes apart.
• Within two hours, Earle was at home with his “very stunning wife,” Alisa.

Now, this may seem damaging. But there is a perfectly logical explanation. The Post reveals that Earle and Dupré live less than two miles apart in Jersey. Her friendly older neighbor (she’s 23, he’s 35) was obviously just taking her shopping! Do we not remember Pretty Woman?? Ashley would have been completely ignored in Bergdorf if she’d gone alone. He was just helping a girl out! Jeez, people, stop jumping to conclusions.


Ashley Dupré Appears to Ruin Another Marriage