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Ashley Dupré Accused of Using Jedi Mind Tricks

It turns out that a trick is not only something Ashley Alexandra Dupré can turn — it’s also something she can pull. That’s at least what New Jersey asphalt heir Thomas “TJ” Earle told his beautiful wife, Alisa, after the Post caught him on a two-day long drinking and shopping spree with Eliot Spitzer’s hooker in New York this week. According to friends of the Earle family, he told his wife that he was “set up” by Dupré, and Alisa believes it.

Of course, his story is called into question by other sources who say he was bragging to friends at a local Jersey bar that Dupré, a neighbor, had been flirting with him and he “could have had her for free!” According to the same sources, he went on to tell Alisa that he was going on a business trip to Colorado, and then sneaked away to the city with the hooker twelve years his junior.

Meanwhile, in “Page Six,” Eliot Spitzer was spotted wearing a “New York Attorney General” T-shirt as he strolled around the Upper East Side this week. A passerby spotted him and shouted, “Not anymore!” It probably stung, but we’re betting it feels just a little good to have someone else on the cover of the tabloids with Ashley Dupré these days. Now it seems like she’s a serial home wrecker, and he’s just one of her victims.

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Ashley Dupré Accused of Using Jedi Mind Tricks