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Chelsea Hotel Bars Right to Peaceably Assemble

Chelsea Hotel

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Astoria: More photos from inside that beautiful old Presbyterian church from 1922, which is coming down to make room for senior housing. Senior housing is good, of course, but couldn’t they just repurpose the church and, like, put hand rails with grippy surfaces in the altar? [Queens Crap]

Brooklyn Heights: This fruit stand on Henry Street (whose umbrella lettering spells out, Gertrude Stein–ishly, “Lovely. Fruit. Share, care, fair”) is not only likely illegal, it’s…it’s…blatant! Where, oh where, have all the discreet, implicit, tacit, subtle fruit stands gone? [McBrooklyn]

Chelsea: Just a few days after a big Post story in which many Chelsea Hotel long timers hate on the hotel’s new corporate management (and one of them is bringing a harassment suit), two huge, ostensible security guards are now patrolling the hotel to break up any “gathering” among the residents. Intense. Will the tenants soon picket openly on the sidewalk? [Living With Legends]

Eltingville: Thousands of mussels have washed up on this Staten Island beach and, baking in the sun, are giving off a foul odor. “What we’re really worried about is when the rats find it,” says a resident. That image just ruined our whole summer. [SILive]
Flatiron: Donatella herself will play a hands-on role in the Versace company’s designing of 55 condos and a spa inside the super-prestigious Clock Tower building of 1 Madison Avenue. A mix of gold filings, collagen, and cocaine will be used as tile grouting in the bathrooms. (Just satirically kidding, lawyers!) [Reuters via Curbed]
South Bronx: This luscious view of the water and Manhattan skyline from the floating pool installed in Barretto Point Park this summer almost makes us want to go visit the pool. Okay, granted, that’s a big almost. [West Bronx Blog]
Upper East Side: Al Gore’s daughter, Karenna, and her husband, a biotech venture capitalist, just sold their 4,000-square-foot East 66th Street co-op for $6.35 mil to the COO of Estée Lauder. Karenna is also the author of a book called Lighting the Way: Nine Women Who Changed Modern America. Is the bitter irony here apparent to you? No? Well, us neither; we just wanted to say that. [Real Deal]

Chelsea Hotel Bars Right to Peaceably Assemble