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Barack Obama Brought In $52 Million Last Month

Obama Money

Photo-illustration: Everett Bogue; Photos: Getty Images, iStockphoto

On Monday Barack Obama campaign manager David Plouffe sent out an e-mail to supporters saying that “the McCain campaign is bragging that they are out-raising and out-spending us.” It wasn’t technically untrue: The McCain campaign was getting that message out there — but it turns out that in June, Obama vastly outraised his rival. Though the McCain campaign reported $22 million in fund-raising for last month, the Obama campaign just announced that its total was $52 million.

The average donation was $68 dollars, which means the total was reached by a mix of large and very small contributions. This may not mean that the financial advantage is now Obama’s, however. The RNC had about $67.8 million on hand at the end of the month of June, and independent groups are sure to further muddy the waters. For an in-depth analysis of the campaigns’ finance situations, check out Peter Keating’s story here from yesterday.

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Barack Obama Brought In $52 Million Last Month