Blake Lively Doesn’t Kiss With Tongue

Blake Lively Penn Badgley

Practicing.Photo: Getty Images

Blake Lively says that when people on Gossip Girl make out, “it’s just an open mouth. Your lips are touching each other, but there’s definitely no kissing.” (Speaking of GG, Chace Crawford will host opening day of the Mercedes-Benz Bridgehampton Polo on Saturday.) Derek Jeter and Joba Chamberlain got booed at an All-Star Game party. Devon Aoki was supposedly “acting like a total diva but not in a bad mood” while shopping for clothes at Bergdorf Goodman for her dad’s funeral. Sean Stewart and Dancing With the Stars babe Karina Smirnoff hooked up in East Hampton. “Page Six” claims that Keith Olbermann is lying about knowing former White House press flack Tony Snow. Occasional Today show contributor Jill Rappaport is supposedly using her friend Christie Brinkley to try to make herself relevant again.

Gore Vidal’s old house in Italy is being turned into a luxury hotel. Sienna Miller was busted frolicking naked on the balcony of a hotel in Italy with maybe boyfriend Balthazar Getty, whose marriage she may or may have not broken up. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie stand to make between$ 11 million and $12 million for selling the exclusive rights to photos of their new twins, though they’ll likely donate all the money to charity. Someone in Josh Brolin’s crew may have gotten hit with pepper spray during a scuffle with police in Shreveport, Louisiana, where Brolin is filming W. Paris Hilton supposedly wants to have a baby with Benji Madden because she’s jealous of all the attention her best friend Nicole Richie has been getting. Writer Paul Theroux has been banned from Turkmenistan for giving an “inflammatory lecture.” (He’s also looking for an apartment in NYC.) Russell Simmons, who recently broke up with girlfriend Porschla Coleman, got “cozy” with a blonde in Bridgehampton. Serena Williams checked out the “Bodies” exhibit at South Street Seaport. Cindy Adams has a rundown of upcoming books from celebrity authors, including offerings from Michael Strahan and Denis Leary.

Blake Lively Doesn’t Kiss With Tongue