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Bloggers Quick to Disprove Rite Aid Anti-Gay Policy

Rite Aid Anti-Gay Sign

Photo: Queerty

If you happen to live near 13th Street in Greenwich Village, there’s a decent chance that you use the Rite Aid on Sixth Avenue. There’s also a decent chance that you’re homosexual. But it seemed earlier this week like those two things didn’t necessarily go hand in hand. According to, the above notice was posted four times on the glass in front of the store, advising that same-sex “kissing, hugging, and touching” are not welcome inside. For what it’s worth, gay marriage isn’t either. The note was signed, “Tom Marquez, Rite Aid Management.”

This, of course, set off a mini–flamer storm. A group was started on Facebook to boycott the Rite Aid. Queerty investigated and discovered that it had been done at eleven other stores in Manhattan — but that it wasn’t actually the handiwork of manager Tom Marquez or anyone in Rite Aid administration. It was a series of rogue hate smears! And a press representative for the pharmacy chain said she was “appalled” by it and indicated that they were working with police to track down the “culprit.”

Thanks for defending the gays and their right to buy Garnier Nutrisse products, Rite Aid! But if you’re really hunting down a “culprit,” can you get the one who is constantly robbing your stores of all their merchandise? We can only assume that’s the reason half of your shelves are empty every time we stop by for some TRESemmé. Oo la la!

No Gay Rights at NYC Rite Aid [Queerty]

Bloggers Quick to Disprove Rite Aid Anti-Gay Policy