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Breaking: Mayor Bloomberg Is Rich

That bow tie is solid gold. Probably.
Okay, maybe not.Photo: Getty Images

Merrill Lynch agreed to sell its 20 percent stake in Bloomberg today, according to CNBC, to the tune of $4.5 billion. As the Business Sheet points out, that puts the total value of the company at $22.5 billion, and furthermore, they figure:

Founder (and Mayor) Mike Bloomberg owns a 72 percent stake in Bloomberg L.P, so that makes his net worth $16.2 billion, $4 billion more than Forbes reported last fall.

Just so you’re aware, that’s roughly equivalent to the GNP of Iceland. Freaky, right? Imagine how it will look to future generations when archeologists discover our fossilized bank statement in the same strata as Bloomberg’s. But why are we still even counting? Twelve billion, sixteen billion. Same diff. Dude is rich.

Bloomberg Sale Proves It: Mayor Bloomberg Worth Way More Than Chump-Change $11 Billion Forbes Estimated [Business Sheet]

Breaking: Mayor Bloomberg Is Rich