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Breaking News: Princess Chunk a Victim of Foreclosure

Princess Chunk

Are you food?”Photo Illustration: Nescom

The nationwide mortgage crisis has a new face: Powder, a.k.a. Princess Chunk, the 44-pound orphaned cat from Camden County, New Jersey. The tubby tabby’s elderly owner recently contacted animal-control officials — who, in turn, told WNBC — that she can no longer take care of him because she recently lost her home to the bank.

Luckily, unlike most victims of foreclosure, Princess Chunk has people rushing to his aid and trying to give him a loving new home. (Yes, Princess Chunk is a he — we already devoted an entire post to this subject. It’s almost August, okay?) His volunteer caretaker reports that she gets about fifteen calls an hour offering to adopt him. If you’d like to throw your hat in the ring, or adopt another pet from the area, just check out the Camden County Animal Shelter site. But be warned: The family with the cat-size treadmill is going to be stiff competition.

Fat Cat Is Victim of Foreclosure [WNBC]

Breaking News: Princess Chunk a Victim of Foreclosure