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Carroll Gardens Graffiti: ‘Yuppie Fux Are Sitting Dux’

Yuppie Fux Are Sitting Dux

Photo: Aileen Gallagher

The Clarett Group might want to offer potential residents of its new Carroll Gardens development, the Collection at Court Street, some muscle as well as granite countertops. Over the weekend, we noticed some angry new graffiti on our walk home on Union Street. “Die Yuppie Scum” was unoriginally sprayed on the plywood surrounding the old Longshoremen’s Union Hall, which will eventually be home to a building too tall for the neighborhood and unaffordable to most of the yuppies who live there now. But continuing west on Union toward Clinton Street, the angry vandal got more specific on the low wall in front of a brownstone. “Yuppie fux are sitting dux!” Yikes. Consider these fux warned. —Aileen Gallagher

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Carroll Gardens Graffiti: ‘Yuppie Fux Are Sitting Dux’