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Casey Johnson and Courtenay Semel Are ‘Completely In Love’

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Lesbianism is so hot right now. All the celebrities are doing it. Just look: There’s Cynthia Nixon, and Ellen and Portia di Rossi — who is still totally pretty! — are in the tabloids all the time, and now that Lindsay and Samantha Ronson are out and about, the young folk have started wearing it like trucker hats and booty shorts. And no one is more on top of trends than Johnson & Johnson heiress Casey Johnson, of weird love triangle fame, and ex-Yahoo CEO Terry Semel’s daughter Courtenay Semel, who allegedly dated Lohanimal herself, are apparently a newsome twosome! “Page Six” reported it yesterday:

Recently the two were spotted holding hands at an event in LA and canoodling at Paris Hilton’s housewarming party. Then they flew to New York and enjoyed a romantic dinner at Nello Wednesday night, where spies say “they were staring into each other’s eyes and left holding hands.”

A “friend” of the couple also told “Page Six” that “Courtenay and Casey …are so happy and completely in love.” Aw! When you canoodle at Paris’s it really means something. Isn’t it so heartwarming when a growing girl expresses her deep, inner love for attention other women? Best to you gals. See you on Rosie’s cruise! You’re going, right? Right?

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Casey Johnson and Courtenay Semel Are ‘Completely In Love’