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Chace Crawford Is Giving Out Free Hugs

Chace Crawford

Photo: Getty Images

At last night’s Vitaminwater party to celebrate All Star Week, we cornered Chace Crawford for a moment to ask him what was the craziest thing a fan [Ed: This party reporter actually specifically asked about crazy fans who were not Jessica and Chris, which probably narrowed it down a lot] has ever asked for. “I think the marriage proposals get kind of interesting,” Chace replied. Apparently they will just walk up to him and ask, without so much as a first date or a bathroom grope to start with. “They just want anything!” he said. Look at those eyes — can you blame them? “Sometimes they just want a hug. It’s just nice,” he added, which immediately piqued our interest. We asked if he acquiesced. “Oh yeah!” he said. “Every time. Hugs are great.”

You read it here first, people. Chace Crawford, giving out free hugs all day long on the Gossip Girl set. Run, don’t walk! —Bennett Marcus

*Readers, it occurs to us that maybe one or two of you have actually hugged Nate Archibald. Can any of you report what it is actually like in the comments? We’re looking for grip strength, chest firmness, makeup smudging — his and yours — and hair smell. Don’t let us down.

Chace Crawford Is Giving Out Free Hugs