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Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook Settle

Christie Brinkley, de facto winner. Photo: Getty Images

Well, it’s over. After pulling an all-nighter in a hotel in Central Islip, New York, Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook have settled. If there was a winner in the ugly divorce case that has riveted the tabloids (and us!) for the past week, it would appear to be Christie, who got pretty much what she wanted: the lion’s share of custody of her kids, a nice cash settlement (according to the Post, sources say “Cook conceded substantial ground in the asset portion of the trial in order to bring the ordeal to an end”*), and her ex-husband’s total tool-osity splashed all over the papers for all the world to see.

For his part, Cook gets every other weekend with the kids and a set of awesome new nicknames, including “horny toad,” “narcissistic horndog,” and our favorite, “jerky boy.” We hope they’re very happy with this. Because Lord knows, it’s all downhill from here.

*UPDATE: Oops, apparently he got the cash settlement:

Statement by Robert Stephan Cohen - Attorney for Christie Brinkley

After five days of trial and for the sake of their children, Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook have reached an agreement.

Ms. Brinkley received sole custody and decision making for the children.

Peter Cook was granted parenting time and a financial settlement of $2.1 million.

Ms. Brinkley will continue to individually own all of her real estate properties.

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Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook Settle