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David Paterson Goes on Mad Bill-Signing Spree

David PatersonPhoto: Getty Images

If you needed an obscure bill passed by the governor, yesterday was your lucky day. David Paterson, bravely forging on despite what must have been a crippling writer’s cramp, signed a whopping 137 bills into existence, including ones that do the following:

• Ban smoking in all college and university dorms (we thought already happened, but it didn’t).

• Allow a slot parlor to open in the Catskills.

• Allow wine tastings to start at 10 a.m.

• Increase fines for those who fail to pick up dog shit.

• Increase fines for those who “block the box.”

• Allow museums to take possession of art or material loaned to them that has not been reclaimed by the owner.

• Permit ice cream to be made with wine, even though that’s gross.

• Make the penalty for plastic knuckles as harsh as the penalty for brass knuckles.

Yeah. That’s right. Who’s getting stuff done now?

Paterson Backs Slot Parlor and Wine-Flavored Ice Cream in Bill-Signing Marathon [NYT]

David Paterson Goes on Mad Bill-Signing Spree