David Wright Is a Good Boyfriend

David Wright

Holy hell.Photo: Getty Images

Pictures have turned up from a surprise party David Wright threw for his girlfriend, Molly Beers. A-Rod thought there were too many girls around him on the Empire Hotel rooftop the other day. West Side strip joint HQ wants to have a reality show called So You Think You Can Lap Dance. Justin Long “looking miserable” at the Bowery Hotel. Harvey Weinstein graciously took his name off the producers list for Emmy consideration for Project Runway, so other people could get the credit. A bunch of Kennedys will commemorate RFK tomorrow in the Hamptons. Speaking of RFK, his son Robert Kennedy Jr. is rebuilding his Westchester home, with the help of Bob Vila! Kirsten Dunst sipped white wine at Café Cluny.

Sadly, Al Sharpton won’t be on Dancing With the Stars. Shanna Moakler and Kim Kardashian, two reality stars we know and care nothing about, got in a “screaming catfight” at the DKNY Jeans House in Malibu. Also, Mischa Barton got a new agent. Hamptons bigwig Cyril Fitzsimons will have a big 65th-birthday party in the Hamptons, with lots of marines. Producer Scott Storch has money troubles — his Miami mansion is getting foreclosed upon. Minka Kelly may not be the only hottie Derek Jeter is dating. Cindy Adams spent a lot of money in Italy.

David Wright Is a Good Boyfriend