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Diana Bianchi, Secret Songstress

You can see the poetry behind her sunglasses.Photo: AP

Before Peter Cook gave her money to go away, his young mistress Diana Bianchi was being groomed to be the next Rihanna. “She would have the No. 1 Record in the country right now,” a woman named Tasha Covington told the Post today. “Her vocal range is just awesome.” Covington, who according to Google has no discernible record of star-making, told the paper that she and others spent lots of money to develop Bianchi’s burgeoning talent, before the girl quit — probably, Covington told the paper, because she received a $300K settlement from Cook to keep quiet.

That seems weird to us — why would a girl abandon her singing dreams based on receipt of a relatively small windfall? The reason is, Covington implied to the Post, Bianchi had written several songs about the ordeal.

Bianchi’s attitude in those songs, Covington said, was, “I’m not just this girl that’s a home wrecker … I have feelings, too. I made a mistake, I’m sorry for it, but what am I gonna do? It’s done.”

How specific were they? Per request, Covington supplied some sample lyrics to Daily Intel.*

My Rock, Her Rock, Your Rock”

You left me money / under a rock
Behind a painting / I wasn’t complaining
Christie Brinkley didn’t have an inkley-ing-yyyyy [show vocal range on this note]
She called you her rock
But you were a [bleep]
Rocks in your brains
Ella, ella, eh, eh, eh.

There was also a sassy number called “Manicures” (sample lyrics: “You like your MANicures, ooh yeah. MANicures”), and though it did not name Cook specifically, lawyers thought that it was obvious. Which is too bad. Because that could be a hit!


*Now we’re just making things up.

Diana Bianchi, Secret Songstress