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Did Sarah Jessica Parker Get Rid of Her Mole?

Sarah Jessica Parker Mole

From left, last night’s All-Star Game; the May premiere of Sex and the City in London.Photo: Getty Images

The Huffington Post notices today that Sarah Jessica Parker’s trademark mole has disappeared. Above, you can see a photo from the London premiere of the Sex and the City movie in May (we know, we know, the hat! We’re already over it) and one taken at last night’s All-Star Game. In the more recent image, the perfectly round bump on her chin is nowhere to be found.

Now, we’re not sure that this is a case of Enrique Iglesias–style shame surgery. After all, it may just be good makeup job, or in case it was removed (or fell off), there is quite likely a perfectly logical medical explanation. But we have to say, we’re sort of sad to see it go. We went through a lot with that mole! We crumpled with it when Carrie got dumped by Aidan the first time. We giggled with it as it rubbed against Alanis Morissette. We even remember shuddering for its sake when it had to touch Nicolas Cage in Honeymoon in Vegas! (We don’t remember if it was around when she was in Flight of the Navigator, but damn, that was a good movie, wasn’t it?)

The sad thing is, as the HuffPo points out, a handful of nasty critics — Rex Reed notably among them — focused on the bump in their reviews of the SATC movie. “At this point, [SJP] would make a wonderful Halloween witch,” Reed sniped. If this type of critique was the cause of the disappearance of the mole — which, like Anderson Cooper’s cleft and Ashley Dupré’s magical vagina, was a trademark quirk in an otherwise lovely setting — well, that makes us sad. Not for SJP, because if we had to look at our face onscreen all the time, we’d invest in an entirely new one. But for all of us, because we hate it when the haters win.

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Did Sarah Jessica Parker Get Rid of Her Mole?