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Do You Guys Still Care About Madonna?

Madonna Guy Ritchie

The Ritchie family yesterday in New York.Photo: Getty Images

Maybe you guys can help us with something. We can’t tell if this whole Madonna–A-Rod–C-Rod–D-Rod thing is interesting or boring anymore. On the one hand, we love Cynthia Rodriguez and are totally fascinated by her whole role in all of this. On the other hand, everything Madonna is doing seems so tired and contrived — especially the endless Kaballah prosthelytizing. Are you interested? Should we keep writing about it?

There’s endless material. For example, here’s what we learned this morning:

• Madonna loves all the attention she is getting from her rumored affair with Alex Rodriguez and is thinking of going to the All-Star Game just to keep it up. [NYP]
• A-Rod, for his part, is now comfortable talking about the issue and is trying “roll with it.” [NYDN]
• Meanwhile, Cynthia thinks the Yankee third-baseman has been spying on her. [NYP]
• Madonna and Guy Ritchie reportedly have a “five point plan” to save their marriage. One “point” is: “Madonna will cut her gym work-out time from four to three hours a day.” How can they fail?? [Daily Mail]
• This morning, Christopher Ciccone, Madonna’s brother, was on Good Morning America again talking about his book, Life With My Sister Madonna. He says he still “loves” his sister but isn’t sure if he “likes” her. He also alluded to “very private medical matters” that Madonna was worried he’d include in his book (he didn’t, but now that he mentioned them on television, of course everyone’s going to try to figure out what they are).

Sure, there’s plenty to talk about. But is it interesting? Or are we (and by “we,” of course, we mean “Madonna”) just too old for all of this?

Do You Guys Still Care About Madonna?