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Erin Callan Out at Lehman

Erin Callan: different job, same lipstick.Photo:

Erin Callan, the Lehman Brothers CFO who was abruptly and humiliatingly demoted after she (a) got in a public fight with David Einhorn and (b) was unfortunately the public face of Lehman when they posted $2.8 billion losses, is leaving the bank entirely now. She’s going to Credit Suisse, where she will run “a global hedge-fund business.” Good on her for being all “fuck this shit” and scooting over to a company that seems relatively stable, even if the hedge-fund business is in its death throes. And we know the Swiss like Shania Twain, so they’ll probably appreciate Callan’s nude lipstick, unlike some people.

Callan Exits Lehman For Credit Suisse [NYT]

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Erin Callan Out at Lehman