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Hot Grandma Arrested for Prostitution


This is totally not Gonzalez, or a hooker. Photo: Time and Life Pictures/Getty Images

Monica Gonzalez may be an asthmatic grandmother of two. But she doesn’t look like one, okay? So maybe she still shows a little skin and she flaunts it because, after all, she has totally still got it. And maybe that’s what she was doing when she was walking down Third Avenue between 53rd and 54th streets last fall, on her way to the emergency room at Lutheran Medical Center for a new container of asthma medication. Which is when Officer Sean Spencer suddenly decided to arrest her for prostitution. According to the Daily News.

Spencer—who claimed Gonzalez was carrying a condom and had been arrested before as a hooker—swore out a complaint charging her with loitering for prostitution, according to court papers…
“I have never, ever been arrested in my life,” Gonzalez told The News. “I did not have a condom.”

But if she had had a condom, would that have made her a hooker? What, can old ladies not carry condoms around now? Anyway, regardless, Grandma is now suing Officer Spencer, and we hope that her lawyers point out that his arrest of her reveals way more about his proclivities than her activities. Ain’t no crime in being a GILF.

A Dirty Trick on B’klyn Woman [NYDN]

Hot Grandma Arrested for Prostitution