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How to Turn Your Child Into a Financial Genius

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Are you a hard-driving parent who sees your child’s success or failure as an extension of your own? Do you think 10 is not too young to know the value of a dollar and is too old to just hang around all summer, since if a kid today is going to make something of himself, he has got to get out there and start hustling? Well, then The Wall Street Journal today has several camps that would be perfect for your progeny. Such as Camp Millionaire, where 10-year-old Andrew Adams, of Santa Barbara, went. Afterward:

Andrew pointed out to his mother that her credit-card billing cycle had changed, and that she wasn’t keeping up with payments. Her delays were racking up late fees, jacking up her interest rate and hurting her credit score. After considering her non-discretionary household expenses (his words), Andrew also pronounced that the mortgage on their Santa Barbara home was too high for her income. Now 15 years old, Andrew has launched his own small travel business and is a financial-news junkie. “They really run the world at the end of the week,” former banker C.J. Juleff, vice president of programming for the camp, said.

Awesome. That’s what the global economy needs: more people with the mentality of 15-year-olds involved.

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How to Turn Your Child Into a Financial Genius