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Has ‘Us Weekly’ Peaked?

Jann Wenner

Us Weekly owner Jann Wenner, pondering change.Photo: Getty Images

Today we learn half of the logic behind the mystifying rumors of Jann Wenner’s bid to sell his Us Weekly to Condé Nast. The dizzy climb of the celebrity magazine’s circulation appears to have peaked — for the first time in eight years, it had trouble meeting its rate base of 1.9 million copies. According to Keith Kelly, editor Janice Min attributes the slight dip to “record gas and food prices,” which, quite frankly, is probably completely legitimate. Still, Wenner probably saw what was coming and realized that America’s quenchless thirst for celebrity frivolity is petering out (damn you, economy! You ruin everything). It makes sense, then, that he would try to sell before things for his popular magazine really go south.

But that’s only one part of the equation: What about Condé Nast? Why would they be the right buyer for Us? Will Annie Leibowitz be shooting Spears-family baby pictures? Steven Klein catching up with Trista and Ryan on their second honeymoon? Dominick Dunne covering the divorce trial of Heidi and Spencer?

Actually, come to think of it, that’s a great idea.


Has ‘Us Weekly’ Peaked?