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Introducing Anderson Pooper

Anderson Cooper, Anderson Pooper

He even has the look down!Photo: Getty Images, Graydon Sheppard

We love people who name animals after celebrities. For example, we can’t get over how Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck named their Golden Retriever after Martha Stewart. Which is why we are delighted to learn that Frank, the proprietor of OMGblog, named his silver-maned cat Anderson Pooper. Little Anderson won yesterday’s photo contest on Daily Paws, a Website devoted to adorable pets (as opposed to the OMGblog, which is largely devoted to adorable men, and their adorable junk). Anyway, we wanted to celebrate him today, both for being cute and for having the best name ever. Daily Intel editor Chris has wanted to get a dog for a long time (will somebody please explain to his boyfriend why this is the best idea ever?), and had been planning on naming it “Roofio,” in homage to Hook. But clearly as a gay media blogger, he should name it something more topical, like, say, “Shepherd Smith.”

OMG, Best in Show: Anderson Pooper [OMGblog via Gawker]

Introducing Anderson Pooper