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Is Hillary Out of the Veepstakes?


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It always seemed like a long shot that Barack Obama would ultimately choose Hillary Clinton as his running mate, considering the long, bloody primary and the potential for the most intrusive Second Lady ever, Bill Clinton. Then again, a bunch of Obama’s other options have been knocked off like characters in a dinner-theater mystery: John Edwards may have gotten caught with his mistress and love child, Wes Clark stuck his foot halfway down his throat by seemingly belittling John McCain’s military service, and Ohio governor Ted Strickland and Virginia senator Jim Webb have voluntarily withdrawn. Plus, the Times reported less than a week ago that Clinton was indeed being vetted. But were hopes for what way back when was called the “Dream Ticket” quashed yesterday by none other than Clinton’s former campaign chair, Terry McAuliffe?

McAuliffe, of course, was Clinton’s most loyal cheerleader during the campaign; his fantasyland optimism in the face of sure defeat could have rivaled Baghdad Bob. However, yesterday the Falls-Church News-Press reported that McAuliffe told a group of Democratic activists on Tuesday that Virginia governor Tim Kaine, and not Clinton, would be the party’s best choice for V.P. In fact, he was “adamant” about it, though the statement he released yesterday tried to downplay his endorsement:

Terry McAuliffe obviously thinks very highly of Governor Kaine and praised him in his trademark, exuberant way to a packed room of Virginia Democrats. There’s a tremendous field of potential Vice Presidential candidates, including Senator Clinton and Governor Kaine. And Mr. McAuliffe supports whatever decision Senator Obama makes.

So, loyal Clintonite McAuliffe just adamantly endorses the preferred candidate of whoever he happens to be speaking in front of at the time? Regardless of whether McAuliffe’s Kaine pick turns out to be prescient, it sounds to us like Clinton should get comfy in the Senate.

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Is Hillary Out of the Veepstakes?