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Jason Giambi’s Mustache Has Been Vanquished!

Jason Giambi David Wright

Left: Jason Giambi. Right: David Wright. If you had to have that explained to you, you’re only reading this post for the mustache content.Photo: Getty Images

As we’ve noted, Jason Giambi’s mustache is losing steam. And despite the team’s best efforts — it handed out 20,000 fake ‘staches at yesterday’s game — it looks like the only good that came of it is the first known photo of Mike Mussina having fun (see photo number three, here). According to, the “Final Vote” to determine the last All-Star spot came down to Evan Longoria of the Rays and Jermaine Dye of the White Sox in the American League (Longoria won, in the end). In the National League voting, even baby-faced Met David Wright — who we’re pretty sure couldn’t grow a mustache if he tried — made it further than Giambi, though he lost out in the end to Milwaukee outfielder Corey Hart. There’s probably a lesson here, but we’re not sure our friends at the American Mustache Institute would be happy to learn it. —Joe DeLessio

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Jason Giambi’s Mustache Has Been Vanquished!