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Jets Now Allowed to Hit On Brett Favre


I’m retired! I don’t even have to shave!”Photo: Getty Images

After days of speculation, the Jets (perhaps fearing the wrath of Gary Myers) received permission to talk to Brett Favre today, kicking his un-retirement drama up yet a few more notches. As much as we were looking forward to the quarterback competition between Chad Pennington and Kellen Clemens — a legitimately interesting training-camp story if there ever was one — the correct answer to Eric Mangini’s dilemma has probably been “(C) None of the above” all along. No offense to Pennington and Clemens (well, okay, maybe a little), but neither is really a marquee QB. And with the Jets’ much-improved offensive line, it seems almost a waste to have either of them lining up under center.

Not to get too ahead of ourselves here — they’re just talking at this point, and by this time next week, Favre could have re-retired, re-un-retired, and demanded a trade to the CFL — but the prospect of Favre in a Jets uniform is intriguing. On the field, he’d be an improvement at the position, but he’ll face questions about whether last year’s rejuvenation was a one-time thing. And off the field, he’s an even more fascinating case. He retired with a mountain of goodwill, then threw much of it away, at least temporarily, with his poorly handled decision to return. Plus it’s safe to assume he’d rather still be playing in Green Bay, so wherever he goes will be something of a consolation prize. Then there’s the knowledge that years from now, the sight of Favre in a Jets uniform could join Joe Montana’s Chiefs jersey, Willie Mays’s Mets jersey, and Patrick Ewing’s Sonics jersey in the That’s Just Not Right Hall of Fame. —Joe DeLessio

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Jets Now Allowed to Hit On Brett Favre