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Julian Schnabel’s Schtyle Recognized (Schort Of)

He’ll always be Schnabulous to us.Photo: Patrick McMullan

We were, as you may imagine, schnatisfied to see that Julian Schnabel appeared on Vanity Fair’s international best-dressed list today. The Schnab beats out Carine Roitfeld, Brad and Angelina, and a gaggle of ho-cialites to earn what some might say is a respectable place: number 26 out of 37. To be sure, this is not as disgraceful a position as the one inhabited by Ellen Barkin, who did not place on the list personally, but is pictured with someone who did, but it also not as high an honor as was given to Morely Safer and Matt Fucking Lauer, who made nineteen and thirteen, respectively, and whose black suits, if you don’t mind us saying, totally fucking recede when set against the Schnab’s blindingly original ensemble of California Raisin–colored pajamas paired with yellow-tinted Bono specs, Vans, and a dashing plaid scarf. Should he have been wearing his faux-diamond Number 1 necklace? Probably, but accessory misstep or no, it’s clear to us the Schnab was robbed. After the jump, the proof.

From an Artforum interview with the painter Lisa Yuskavage:

The ‘80s came to me when Schnabel visited Yale in ‘85. He was at the height of his career, and he arrived with this long fur coat and a blond assistant to throw it to. He wore expensive clothing, a silk shirt and golden suspenders made of coins, and he walked up to all the boys, like Richard Phillips, and said, “You want a kiss?” He had a pocketful of Hershey Kisses and gave them to everybody.

We ask you: Has Matt Lauer’s style ever caused a new decade to spontaneously occur? We rest our case.

The International Best-Dressed List [VF]

Julian Schnabel’s Schtyle Recognized (Schort Of)