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Kelly Killoren Bensimon to Join ‘Real Housewives’

Kelly Killoren

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In a brilliant casting move, Bravo! has added Kelly Killoren Bensimon to the cast of the Real Housewives of New York City. The former Elle Accessories editor (and former wife of fashion photographer Gilles Bensimon) will join the show next season the Hartford Courant reports. We love Kelly — not only is she telegenic, but she’ll also say the darndest things. And going into the show, she’s much more high profile than the other housewives were when they started. She has more than 40 of her own pages on!

Now, let’s predict how the other housewives will interact with her:

Bethenny Frankel will be threatened by Kelly. The older woman is definitely going to shoot for Bethenny’s role as the cute, sassy, funny one. But we’re guessing they’ll get along, as they both love a cocktail, and they’re both unmarried at the moment. Girls’ night out! Don’t invite Simon! Oops, your boob just fell out, honey!
• The other person to feel most threatened by Kelly will be LuAnn de Lesseps. They’ve both got on-camera gigs for PlumTV, and they’re relatively socially prominent. Kelly may not be a countess, but her former marriage to Giles Bensimon and her fashion cred combined to make her a coveted guest at benefits and parties. And she’s been an Upper East Side mom long enough to be fully entrenched in that society, too. Our guess is that LuAnn will try her coolly superior act with Kelly, and Kelly will just think it’s hilarious. (“Oh, you don’t hang out at Cakeshop?” “No, I hang out at Maidstone, thanks.”)

Jill Zarin, the mother hen of the show, will probably take Kelly’s appearance in stride. She’s too busy loathing Alex McCord to bother with anyone else. Plus, we’re guessing she and Kelly know people in common — probably through the Upper East Side moms’ club. As long as Jill stays invited to all of Kelly’s parties, we’re in the clear. Maybe Kelly can even talk her out of those bangs!
Ramona Singer will no doubt be thrilled to become friends with Kelly — because the glamorous socialite is everything Ramona wants to be. She’s funny, she’s sexy, and she’s well connected. We’re envisioning this will all go south when Ramona tries to throw Kelly into a pool somewhere, but until then, Kelly will probably humor her.
Alex McCord will also no doubt be thrilled at Kelly’s “connections.” After all, Kelly is hooked up in the fashion world (“OMG, do you know Roberto Cavalli!?”). As for Kelly’s interactions with the McCords, we expect they will fall into two categories: “minimal” and “hilarious.”

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Kelly Killoren Bensimon to Join ‘Real Housewives’