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Laura Ingraham’s Candid Moments: ‘There’s a Man in the Prompter!’

Laura Ingraham started her regular sub-in gig at Fox News last month, and she’s clearly still getting her footing. Harry Shearer’s Website My Damn Channel captured candid moments between shoots on the set of the show, revealing a nervous and slightly confused Ingraham. It’s unclear whether she is just a perfectionist, her staff is completely incompetent, or Shearer just cut together unflattering moments. “This is a train wreck!” she wails at one point. “Don’t hover at me!” she yells to someone in the hall. And to her producers: “Every time you flip the screen from an element to the monitor, I get some Hispanic-looking man on my screen.” A staffer quips back to the conservative commentator: “He’s an illegal!”

It’s the stuff of normal cable-news preparation, but it’s kind of riveting nonetheless. It’s just like the candid moments from Katie Couric’s broadcasts that Shearer previously captured. Except, unlike the perennially perky CBS News anchor, Ingraham never jokes, or even seems to smile, once.

Found Objects: Laura Ingraham [My Damn Channel]

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Laura Ingraham’s Candid Moments: ‘There’s a Man in the Prompter!’