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Lawyer Objects to Christie Brinkley’s Platitudes

Christie Brinkley, abuser of the English language.Photo:Getty Images

Christie Brinkley took the stand today in court against her ex-husband Peter Cook, and Cook’s lawyer, Norman Sheresky, surprised and confused everyone in the courtroom by objecting to pretty much every statement she made. According to the Post it “contributed to a circus atmosphere” and was just weird.

At one point when asked about her parenting philosophy, Brinkley said, “Children are our future.”

Sheresky objected and had the objection sustained by Judge Mark Cohen. Brinkley also said she’s been a vegetarian for years, but feeds her kids chicken and turkey.

“Science has shown the importance of good nutrition,” she said.

Sheresky, again objected and the judge had the statement stricken from the record.

The Post doesn’t seem to get why Sheresky would object to such “seemingly innocuous statements” but we think we do. Spouting that many clichés is totally objectionable. Especially the “children are the future” one, which makes that Whitney Houston song go in your head. However, Sheresky, in our opinion, made a mistake in letting his inner editor take hold. He should have allowed those statements to stay on the record. Because just think: If Brinkley says stuff like that in a courtroom, then just imagine what she’s capable of saying at home, to her children. “Just be yourself.” “The early bird gets the worm.” “When it rains, it pours.” Oh, it gives us the chills. Our minds are changed about Brinkley. Clearly, this woman is a monster.

Lawyer Objects to Christie Brinkley’s Platitudes