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Lenny Kravitz: Cynthia Rodriguez’s Grand Slam?

Cynthia Rodriguez Lenny Kravitz

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We have always loved Cynthia Rodriguez. Last summer, when “STRAY-ROD” stories about her husband hanging out with a blonde stripper hit all the tabloids, she held her head high and continued to show up at Yankee Stadium — wearing a T-shirt that said “Fuck You” on the back, so that paparazzi taking her picture would get the message.

Little did we know that she continued her revenge in secret. According to the Post, she developed a clandestine affair with one of the most famous, inarguably sexy men in the world. She held this card close to her chest, hiding it from the world even as her marriage with Alex Rodriguez disintegrated. Which meant that just two days after A-Rod made headlines for paying late-night visits to the Central Park West home of sex icon Madonna, she was ready with her own news: She’s been doin’ it with Lenny Kravitz. Holy mother of gossip!

Madonna used to date Kravitz in the early nineties. And the two share the same manager, Guy Oseary, who, as of less than a year ago, is now A-Rod’s manager, too. Oh, yeah, and Cynthia and A-Rod just had a baby. Two months ago.

Right now, according to reports, Rodriguez is in Paris shacking up with Kravitz. Guy Ritchie is in New York playing house with Madonna. And A-Rod is running around with a big mitt-eating grin on his face.

And we were worried there would be nothing to write about this summer.

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Lenny Kravitz: Cynthia Rodriguez’s Grand Slam?