Lizzie Grubman Rises Again

Lizzie Grubman

Photo: Getty Images

Publicist Lizzie Grubman is getting into talent management. The Jimi Hendrix sex tape is about to come out because his estate has failed to prove it’s fake. Exercise guru Nikki Haskell hooked up Kathie Lee Gifford to a strange exercise device in the ladies’ room of Michael’s, which weirded people out. Dina Lohan is looking to buy a house in Upper Brookville on Long Island because her current house in Merrick is too well known to paparazzi. Yankees play-by-play veteran John Sterling allegedly has a habit of dipping his fingers into the ice-cream barrel in the stadium’s press dining room. Chief state judge Judith Kaye had dinner with Sandra Day O’Connor. Russell Simmons and girlfriend Porschla Coleman have split. Kirsten Dunst made out with Beatrice Inn D.J. Matt Creed.

Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich is said to be purchasing La Leopolda, the seaside estate in the south of France, for a record $500 million. CBSLara Logan is pregnant. Oil heir Balthazar Getty and Sienna Miller had dinner together, which means they may be having an affair. Dennis Miller made a joke about an old guy in a California Starbucks. Eddie Vedder gave some guy who found his iPhone in a cab $500 and an engraved Zippo. Cindy Adams notes that “in Yankee Stadium’s vicinity, a couple of Red Sox fans posted nude Madonna photos from her Playboy and Penthouse (pardon the expression) layouts.”

Lizzie Grubman Rises Again