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Lorne Michaels’s Stalker Has a ‘Nice Voice,’ Says Lawyer

Lorne.Photo: Getty Images

Evan Pidhajecky was convinced that Lorne Michaels was stealing his thoughts and putting them on Saturday Night Live. So the Oyster Bay, Long Island*, native came down to the city and went over to his apartment on Central Park South, intent on having a talk with him about it. Not that he was threatening him, his lawyer David Brill explained in court yesterday. He just wanted to talk to him about how he thinks he’s reaching into his mind and extracting ideas and then rubbing them in his face by putting them on the television. But Lorne had to get all freaked out about it, because he’s a celebrity. Well. David Brill will tell him that doesn’t make him so special. “Just because you’re Lorne Michaels doesn’t mean nobody can get in touch with you,” he said in court yesterday.

He wrote him a couple of times. Then he visited the concierge” at Michaels’ Central Park South apartment building “and spoke to him in a very nice voice.”

Well argued, David. As long as you protest to a total stranger that he is controlling your mind in a nice voice, it shouldn’t be scary. If Pidhajecky spoke to the concierge in a Miss Piggy voice or called Michaels using that voice distorter from Scream, well, then he could see how there might be a problem.

*Is it just us, or does it seem like all weirdies are from Long Island?


Lorne Michaels’s Stalker Has a ‘Nice Voice,’ Says Lawyer