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Madonna and Guy Richie Play Nice for the Cameras

Madonna Guy Richie Cesca

The happy couple last night.Photo: FilmMagic

Last night Madonna and Guy Richie put on a brave face and went out to dinner together in New York, despite published reports that their marriage is on the rocks and Madonna has been entertaining Yankee Alex Rodriguez quite often of late. They went to ‘Cesca, which according to New York’s listing is “warm and inviting” and “the modern Italian menu is thoroughly appealing.” Perfect for trying to talk through published rumors of a baseball star paying regular late-night visits to your wife! Or at least, perfect for posing for paparazzi.

We haven’t learned much since yesterday, except that Lil Wayne may somehow be involved in all this.

Oh, and despite our suggestion (which Gawker helpfully even mocked up), the Post wimped out of putting “JUSTIFY MY GLOVE” on their cover.

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Madonna and Guy Richie Play Nice for the Cameras