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Madonna Is Having an Affair With Gwyneth Now (or Something)

PaltrowDonna.Photo: Getty Images

Taking smart advantage of the hullabaloo surrounding Madonna’s alleged “affair of the heart” with A-Rod, Madge’s brother Christopher Ciccone’s publishers have released a timely nugget of information from his upcoming tell-all, the creatively titled Life With My Sister Madonna. Apparently, the book describes a special moment shared by the singer and her friend Gwyneth Paltrow at a party thrown by Donatella Versace.

The ‘Like a Virgin’ singer was dancing on a table at 4am when she dragged Gwyneth up to join her. Then—as party-goers watched in amazement—Madonna grabbed Gwynnie, pulled her to her and kissed the stunned Hollywood star full on the mouth.

Girls kissing! Shock! Amazement! We can’t wait for the book! No; only kidding. Madonna being sexually experimental was news in, like, 1981. But we do have to hand to Ciccone’s publicists for finding an anecdote that combines the two memes of the moment: infidelity plus hot lesbian action. Way to go, Simon Spotlight! Keeping reading alive, you are.

Madonna Grabbed Gwyneth and Kissed Her Full on the Mouth [U.K. Sun via Us]
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Madonna Is Having an Affair With Gwyneth Now (or Something)