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Manderson Overboard! The Silver Fox Swims With Sharks

So we were reading Anderson Cooper’s blog today. (What, you don’t follow it? Let us just tell you, that and Martha Stewart’s blog are the surprise hits of 2008.) And we learned that Anderson aired footage yesterday of himself diving with sharks. We flipped! Of course, when we watched the footage, we didn’t see Anderson shirtless or terrified or even really giggly. It was a little bit of a letdown. But we thought we’d post the video anyway, because we know you love our Manderson just as much as we do. So we went to YouTube to find the clip to embed and typed in Anderson Cooper to the search bar. And the following list of suggested search terms, the most popular ones for the CNN anchor, popped up:

Anderson Cooper Shirtless

Anderson Cooper Kelly Ripa

Anderson Cooper 360

Anderson Cooper Interview

Anderson Cooper Kathy Griffin

Anderson Cooper Katrina

Anderson Cooper My Boo

Kelly Ripa, Kathy Griffin, and “shirtless” came before Hurricane Katrina? Anderson Cooper has the gayest fans ever.

Just in case you want to see those popular videos, some of them are really good — particularly the Kathy Griffin one, the Kelly Ripa one, and the My Boo one. The shirtless one, sadly, was from before he became a gym freak, so it’s a real disappointment.

Oh, and as we were typing this, Gawker, also feeling the heat of slow news summer, compiled a clip reel of Cooper moments just for the fans who are performing the above searches.

But back to the whole shark thing. Anderson: You are like the last to jump on this craze. Your journalistic competitor Kelly Killoren Bensimon did this same segment last week. And she showed more skin, Goddamn it!

Anderson Up Close With Sharks []
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Manderson Overboard! The Silver Fox Swims With Sharks