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Martha Stewart Takes Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins for a Boat Ride

Martha Stewart

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You know how you always wonder whether celebrities have to say hi to one another when they have random encounters in the real world? Like, if Elijah Wood and Natalie Portman happened to be at the same show at the McCarren Park Pool, would they have to acknowledge one another, even if they’ve never met? Well, we’ve just discovered evidence that this is the case.

New Yorkers Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon were vacationing up in Northeast Harbor in Maine over the Fourth of July, and ran into Martha Stewart while shopping. Now, that gang may know one another from events in the city, but Martha immediately went so far as to insist that they take a ride with her in her boat. She then documented the trip on her blog, in a completely normal, “we’re not all super famous” kind of way. Just like you would do! Except with captions like:

Susan Sarandon and Kevin Sharkey enjoying lively conversation while sunning in the stern of Skylands II. The day was glorious as is evident from the picture. I hope you like the orange Sunbrella upholstery — it seems to work well with the teak, cherry, and white of the boat.

It’s adorable, really. Did you know that Tim Robbins has never played a sailor in a movie, but he “loves the sea”? We didn’t. Thank you, Martha Stewart, for answering not one but two of our most burning questions.

A Visit to Skylands on the Fourth of July [Martha Stewart]

Martha Stewart Takes Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins for a Boat Ride