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‘Page Six’ Tells Us Opposing Tales About Madonna and Christopher Ciccone

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Madonna and her brother in 1998.Photo: Getty Images

There was a great little item in “Page Six” over the weekend that we bet you might have missed. It explained that Madonna actually ghost-wrote sections of her brother Christopher’s “tell-all” about her, Life With My Sister Madonna, just for the attention and publicity. “That’s why there’s nothing too devastating in Chris’s book,” a source told the Post. “He’s mean to others, but not so much to his sister.” Wow, talk about a scandal! How did you miss that little tidbit?

Probably because you were reading the Post’s other story about Madonna and Christopher, in Page Six Magazine. In it, writer Alison Rosen makes a bit to-do about how enraged Her Madgesty is over the book and how badly she tried to stop Christopher from publishing it. “She’ll see it as brutal,” Christopher explained to Rosen, because “she had no control over it.”

So which “Page Six” are you supposed to believe?? The glossy weekly one that you never really pick up? Or the smudgy print one with the offensive cartoon that brightens your desk every day?

Eh, probably neither. But mainly you shouldn’t trust Christopher Ciccone, whose desperation for attention clearly knows no bounds. He may not have the bone structure or the biceps, but he’s clearly his sister’s brother.

Christopher Ciccone and his famous sister hadn’t spoken in nearly six or seven months when an urgent email from her appeared in his inbox. “Call me,” the message ordered. He grew nervous, knowing she was trying to prevent him from going forward with his book, an account of the years he spent in her shadow, as her backup dancer then dresser, tour director, interior designer and confidant. When he didn’t respond—because, he says, he doesn’t reply to her commands anymore—she began leaving voicemails: “You can’t hide from me, you have to call me,” she said. Meanwhile, he also heard from their father, Silvio “Tony” Ciccone, that she had asked him not to allow Christopher to use the childhood photos he planned to include in the book. But Tony’s response was similarly disobedient. “They’re family photos and I can’t tell Christopher what to do.” For the first time, perhaps ever, Madonna was running up against the limits of her own power, and the brother who was once her greatest ally was loving every last minute of it. “I took pleasure in watching her squirm,” he admits.

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‘Page Six’ Tells Us Opposing Tales About Madonna and Christopher Ciccone