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Phony Rockefeller on the Lam in New York Area

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A wealthy Bostonite is on the loose in or near Manhattan after kidnapping his young daughter and reportedly attempting to steal her away to Bermuda. The drama began when Clark Rockefeller, an ultrarich man of leisure who had homes in New Hampshire, Nantucket, and Boston, was on a supervised visit with his daughter Reigh in Beantown. After his divorce with finance executive Sandra Boss, Rockefeller was required to spend time with his daughter only under the watchful eye of a social worker. On Sunday Rockefeller, Reigh, and the observer were walking down the street in Back Bay toward a public park when the kidnapping happened. From the Times:

Mr. Rockefeller suddenly picked his daughter up, quickly got into a waiting black sport utility vehicle and sped away. The social worker said he gave chase and grabbed on to the vehicle, but let go after being dragged a short distance.

Bet that wasn’t in his job description. Rockefeller later arranged for an unwitting friend to drive him and his daughter to New York, where he was dropped off near Grand Central. Police believe he is now on his yacht, attempting to reach Bermuda with Reigh.

The added twist to this tale is Rockefeller’s purported connection to the famous American dynasty. Acquaintances in Boston said that he always implied that he was a member of the clan, but experts at the Rockefeller Archive Center say there are no records of a link. He’s used many different names over the years and recently changed his daughter’s name from Reigh Rockefeller to Reigh Storrow Mills Boss.

Also, he was the only person in the picturesque town of Cornish, New Hampshire (where his ex-wife has a mansion), to ever zip around town on a Segway. If it weren’t for the whole kidnapping thing, we could have really gotten to like this guy.

Police Seek Boston Man in Daughter’s Abduction [NYT]

Phony Rockefeller on the Lam in New York Area