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Michael Strahan: ‘If You Need Any Actor, I’m Your Starring Man’

Michael Strahan

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Two weeks ago, Michael Strahan filmed a cameo on NBC’s Chuck, playing the manager of a sporting-goods store called Mighty Jock. So when we ran into him this weekend at Tao, where he was celebrating his Michael Strahan/Dreier LLP Charity Golf Tournament, we asked him about whether he was seriously getting into acting. He did just move to Los Angeles to be on Fox Sports, after all. His reply?

Listen, if you need any actor, then hey, I’m your starring man. I would love to get into that. It seems like a fun business and something different, a new challenge for me. I am looking for a new challenge right now. I think Will Smith and Denzel Washington are incredible. I think Russell Crowe is an incredible actor. I liked watching Jamie Foxx transform into Ray Charles.”

Heh, heh. Michael Strahan? We weren’t sure we bought it. Until we read this quote from Josh Schwartz, the Gossip Girl mastermind who also created Chuck: “When the cameras rolled, Michael was really, really funny.” Wait, really? “Everyone on the set was completely blown away,” Schwartz said. “Broadcasting or acting, he’s got a future.” Well, well, well! If Terry Bradshaw could kick off his acting career with a cameo on Blossom, we don’t see why Chuck wouldn’t work for Strahan. —Shira Levine

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Michael Strahan: ‘If You Need Any Actor, I’m Your Starring Man’