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Playing the Blame Game With A-Rod, C-Rod, Madonna, and Lenny Kravitz

Madonna Wet Hair

Madonna, sporting wet hair again yesterday.Photo: FilmMagic

The Post keeps telling us that the publicity explosion around the divorce of Cynthia and Alex Rodriguez is one person’s fault. The only problem is, every day that person changes. Today we read in “Page Six” that manager Guy Oseary planned on “pimping out” the news about the friendship between his clients Madonna and A-Rod. Another client, Lenny Kravitz, who was later involved, was so outraged that he fired Oseary. But elsewhere in the Post today, we learn that Cynthia is to blame for the whole mess, because she herself wanted to be friends with Madonna and turned A-Rod into a fan.

Yesterday Liz Smith took on the rumors that Madonna is behind all of it and is just allowing rumors to spread like wildfire for the publicity it will generate for her tour.

And yet through it all, the Post (and Daily News, and television outlets) has been using Cynthia and A-Rod’s formerly shared trainer, Dodd Romero, as a source. He’s told them everything from where Cynthia’s been going to how A-Rod treated her over the last year to what she plans for the divorce. If anyone’s responsible for the continuing tabloid madness, he is. But you can’t point the finger at your own primary source, can you?


Playing the Blame Game With A-Rod, C-Rod, Madonna, and Lenny Kravitz