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Raffaello Follieri to Make A Deal?

Raffaello FollieriPhoto: Getty Images

Raffaello Follieri has been in jail since June 24, and one would expect he’s getting kind of antsy — a man accustomed to bespoke Italian suits and truffled macaroni and cheese is probably none to comfortable with prison-issue garments and Kraft. So it’s understandable that, as assistant U.S. attorney Jennifer Burns told the Post yesterday, “Follieri is in plea discussions.” What’s weird is that his attorney doesn’t seem to know anything about it.

Follieri’s lawyer, Flora Edwards, expressed surprise upon learning the prosecutor had mentioned plea talks.
“I’m certainly not saying that, and I’m not sure it’s appropriate,” Edwards said, adding that the only thing she’d agreed to was an extension of time for Follieri’s next appearance in Manhattan federal court.
“As far as I’m concerned, we’re looking forward to our day in court,” Edwards said.

Wait, so is Follieri trying to do a Patricia Duff type of thing and represent himself? If so, we hope he repurposes his ceremonial robes into barristers’ robes, because that would be awesome.

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Raffaello Follieri to Make A Deal?