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Ron Perelman Sues Family of Ex-Wife Claudia Cohen

Cohen, who was a gossip columnist and TV personality, died in 2007 after a battle with ovarian cancer. Perelman was most recently defending her earlier this month when some University of Pennsylvania students complained about a building bearing her name. Perelman, also a trustee of the school, had donated $20 million in exchange for the naming rights — and he passed the honor along to Claudia this year because she, too, was a Penn alum and the first female editor-in-chief of the Daily Pennsylvanian.

Perelman is the executor of Cohen’s estate, and he claims that half of her father’s estate was promised to her. But he says brother James Cohen has taken advantage of the infirm retail magnate (he is a part owner of the Hudson News chain but is in poor health) for his own benefit.

James Cohen’s lawyers contest all the charges. And don’t forget, Perelman is also wrapped up in an ugly legal battle with another ex-wife over the care of their daughter, Caleigh. That’s the brilliance of being a billionaire — you can destroy people in multiple courtrooms at once!


Ron Perelman Sues Family of Ex-Wife Claudia Cohen