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Sherri Shepherd Has Had an Uncomfortable Number of Abortions

Sherri Shepherd

She’s been looking great lately, huh?Photo: Getty Images

Well, as if any number of them is comfortable. Anyway, the comedian and co-host of The View told Christian women’s magazine Precious Times that during her hard early years, she was “in a very physically abusive relationship.” “I was sleeping with a lot of guys and had more abortions than I would like to count,” she said. Her sister, she added, “was heavy into drugs, and we would have to go and get her from crack houses.”

Surely they will talk about this on The View later this week, since it’s already popped up on and But we’ll go on the record saying that we love Sherri Shepherd, even if she’s not sure the world is round and isn’t clear on certain aspects of ancient historical chronology. She’s the only one who does a good job with random, funny promotions, and it’s nice to have someone on the show who isn’t a know-it-all — who in fact, is quite open about how little she knows about some things. Plus, you can bet Elisabeth, Joy, and Whoopi have never been in a crack house before (Barbara Walters may have at some point, but it doesn’t count if you’re surrounded by cameras with Vaseline on the lenses).

So you go, Sherri — we’ll even forgive you for suggesting to Precious Times that it might be a good idea for an evangelist to come to the show and lay his hands on Barbara Walters to “save her.” Offensive or not, that would make for some kick-ass television.

Sherri Shepherd: “I Had More Abortions Than I Would Like to Count” [Us]

Sherri Shepherd Has Had an Uncomfortable Number of Abortions