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Staten Island Has a Turkey Overpopulation Problem

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Downtown Brooklyn: Now that the Real World gang is moving in, the new Belltel Lofts have gone from marketing themselves as family friendly to a haven for the young, hip, single, vomiting, party set. [NYP]

Harlem: The Dafina, a swank new condo, is opening here, with studios as low as $300,000 and three-bedrooms for under a mil! You’re not really gentrifying if you’re buying such affordable housing! [Curbed]

Ocean Breeze: Roosters (okay, cocks) may be commandeering the streets of Sunset Park, but in this part of (even trendier today!) Staten Island, they’re apparently putting vegetable oil on turkey eggs to decrease the turkey population. Maybe that’s not as sick as stomping on a kitty, but it’s kind of weird, right? [SILive]

Queens: Okay, once again, no identifiable hood here, but how could we not note that the good people of Q-boro want to do terrible things to the man who stomped on his own beautiful, fluffy, white Persian kitty, breaking her jaw, three ribs, and a hind leg? What neighborhood is that sick bastard in? [NYDN via Queens Crap]
Roosevelt Island: There aren’t as many heavily armed cops on Segways here as there will be in Beijing for the Olympics, but there are some, just ready to nab you with that open alcohol bottle at your picnic. [Roosevelt Islander]
Tribeca: Would Edward Albee please stand up and protest the fact that a quotation of his about swine and truffles appears that it’s being used to market a new condo? (Plus, in the East Village, try the new fro-yo joint 16 Hindles!) [Vanishing NY]
Williamsburg: A funky bowling alley is supposed to come to Wythe Avenue near the Brooklyn Brewery by year’s end…and it’ll include a rock venue and a “major food component.” Yeah, we love food components—stttrrrike! [Curbed]

Staten Island Has a Turkey Overpopulation Problem