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Surprise! $5 Million Doorman’s Girlfriend Turns Out to Be a Prostie


When last we saw Richie Randazzo, the 44-year-old Park Avenue doorman whose life was changed by winning $5 million on the Set for Life scratch ticket, he had lost the faith of his tenants at 1021 Park Avenue and was sequestered at a blackjack table in Atlantic City, spending this year’s allotment. “I want to kick back, drink and relax,” he told the reporter who found him there, and it seemed like it would only be a matter of time before he was back in his parents’ basement in Gravesend, hollering at his mom to make him a sandwich, waiting for the crew from E!’s How Winning the Lottery Made My Life Worse Than It Even Was to arrive. Except! He had a girlfriend! And she didn’t look totally trashy, either. She was a sweet-faced Swedish girl, or a “leggy Swedish model” per the Post, and since the Swedes are usually smarter and more capable and more stable than Americans, we hoped her heart was in the right place. Alas. This morning’s Daily News reveals that the woman, Sabina Johansson, not only is not related to Scarlett but worked at Big Daddy Lou’s Hot Lap Dance Club, a midtown brothel raided earlier this month, where, at 23 years old, she was the house madam. Well! We were right about one thing. At least she’s capable.

Cops: Model Was Brothel ‘House Mom’ [NYDN]

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Surprise! $5 Million Doorman’s Girlfriend Turns Out to Be a Prostie