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Thank Heavens: Mike Lupica Found a Seat at the All-Star Game


I enjoy box seats, yelling, daisies …”Photo: Getty Images

When Deadspin posted photos of Daily News columnist Mike Lupica arguing with a Yankee Stadium security guard over entrance to the box seats at the All-Star Game last week, we took a moment from soaking in the Schadenfreude to give him the benefit of the doubt. Sure, his reputation is less than stellar, and yes, his column the next morning was on the pregame ceremonies, but it’s possible he had a perfectly legitimate reason to be there. Right?

Well, no. In his Sunday column, Lupica basically confirmed that like the rest of us, he was just trying to sneak down to better seats. Surely aware of the Deadspin story, he writes, without a hint of shame, “I ended up sitting in the stands for the last half of it, stayed to the end, and had as much fun watching it play out as I’ve had watching any All-Star Game in any sport.” See, when you finish your column in the third inning, why should you stay in the boring ol’ press box? And if a security guard has the audacity to question you, why shouldn’t you let him have it? He’s Mike Lupica, dammit! Sadly, he doesn’t mention precisely where he watched the game from the stands, so we’ll never know if he made it to the field level, but we doubt he’d have settled for anything worse than loge. (He’s not an animal, after all.) We’ll give him credit for this, though: Unlike some people, at least he stays till the end. —Joe DeLessio

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Thank Heavens: Mike Lupica Found a Seat at the All-Star Game